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SQL Server-Related Cheat Sheets That Can Save You Time

Posted in DBA Toolbox / T-SQL Scripts, Powershell by belle on October 17, 2008

I previously posted about a SQL Server CheatSheet from DotNet4All that I thought was useful and comprehensive. If you already know what you need to do, but just forgot the syntax because you haven’t done it in eons, then  a well organized, concise, complete cheat sheet can save the day.


Here are a few other ones:

General SQL Server

Scribd T-SQL


SQL Server Shortcuts
SQLArticles (really good, exhaustive list!)
SQLAuthority SSMS Shortcuts


Connection Strings


Regex (especially when you’re working with SQLCLR/Regex)
.NET Regex Cheat Sheet
(AddedBytes used to be known as ILoveJackDaniels, but that name has changed. Dave has a *lot* of useful cheat sheets in his site.)


SQL Injection
Ferruh Mavituna


MSDN Blogs (PDF)
MSDN Blogs (MS Word)


SQL Server 2008


SQL Server DBA Interview Questions
SQLAuthority Interview Questions – Complete List

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  1. […] SQL Server Cheat Sheets – Donabel Santos links to several cheat sheets to help DBAs with basic syntax. Whenever Quest gives away posters with syntax for stuff like DMVs and system stored procs, DBAs go crazy asking for them, so I bet you guys will go crazy for these too. […]

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