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SQL Server Scalability etc – Free Ebooks

Posted in Ebooks, Resources/References by belle on November 7, 2008

RealTimePublishers has a whole bunch of free ebooks:


The Definitive Guide to Scaling Out SQL Server 2005
The Definitive Guide to Scaling Out SQL Server 2000
The Essentials Series: Optimizing Database Connection Performance
The Shortcut Guide to SQL Server Infrastructure Optimization


Few other ones that might be of interest:

The Administrator Shortcut Guide to VB Scripting for Windows
The Definitive Guide to Building a Windows Server 2008 Infrastructure
The Definitive Guide to Windows Server 2003 Terminal Services Updated Edition
The Shortcut Guide to Selecting the Right Virtualization Solution
The Shortcut Guide to Virtualization and Service Automation




Free SQL Server Ebooks/Resources

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Free ebooks 🙂 Grab them while they’re free. (BTW, I purchased Grant Fritchey’s ebook, now RedGate is offering it for free)

SQL Server 2008 MS Press Free Ebook

How to Become an Exceptional DBA

Best of SQL Server Central

Brad’s Sure Guide to SQL Server 2008

Brad’s Sure DBA Checklist

RedGate’s SQL Server DBA Best Practices

Dissecting SQL Server Execution Plans

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SQL Server 2008 Jumpstart and other resources

Posted in Ebooks, Resources/References, Tutorials by belle on October 4, 2008

Just a short compilation of SQL Server 2008 resources (white papers, ebooks, videos, blogs)

Blog Posts

Upgrading to SQL Server 2008!45041418ECCAA960!1019.entry

10 Reasons Why SQL Server 2008 Is Going to Rock

The SQL Server 2008 Status Bar Custom Colors (why it’s not trivial!)

Notification Services Support in SQL Server 2008 🙂

Additional MS Training/Resources

SQL Server 2008 Jumpstart

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 – Learning Portal

Free SQL Server 2008 Ebook from MS Press

SQL Server 2008 Videos

SQL Server 2008 Virtual Labs

Webcasts: 24 Hours of SQL Server 2008 for IT Professionals

Webcasts: 24 Hours of SQL Server 2008 for Developers